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To all the 'preggos'

So, long story short, I didn't think I ever wanted to have kids. Then, I got married and after a year, and having the realization that I was about to turn 30 years old, I changed my mind. Working, while pregnant, is intense. I had heard the complaints, from pregnant women before, but always thought, 'yea okay, how uncomfortable can it be?'. I would advise everyone to not ask that question of any pregnant woman. Imagine this: Your organs are literally pushed up and over, out of the way for that baby. You probably will wake up every night, cause you feel like you need to pee, but you can't. It's just intense pressure. Heart burn so bad that you are forced to sleep sitting up, in a recliner. Even a five pound baby, sitting on a pubic bone, is enough torture, let along a ten pound baby. ( which is what my first child was close to!!) Even though I have had prenatal massage training and have given dozens of prenatal massages, I really began to appreciate how massage can …

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